FAQ - MCSI - Municipal Collection Services, Inc.


questionWe realize that you might have questions about the municipal debt
collection process. Please review these commonly asked questions
and feel free to contact us with any additional question that you may have.

Q. What will your service cost?
A. MCSI does not charge unless we collect a debt.

Q. Can our municipality add in a collection fee?
A. Yes, we can review your option for adding the collection fee before
submitting a debt to MCSI.

Q. Are you a licensed collection agency?
A. We are licensed and bonded in the state of Illinois.

Q. How many years have you been in business?
A. MCSI has been serving clients for over 20 years.

Q. When and how do we get the money you collect on our behalf?
A. Client’s share of collected money is mailed monthly.

Q. What happens if we only have old address information?
A. Our initial letter is compared against the NCOA database, so if a new, more
current address is available, it will be loaded into our software.

Q. Will you provide detailed status reports of collection activity?
A. Yes, we offer monthly activity and progress reports, as well as web access for
clients that prefer to run paperless.

Q. Do you dedicate a client service representative who focuses on my account?
A. Yes we’ll assign a dedicated representative to each client.