Municipal Collection Agency - MCSI


why-side-pictureFinding the right assistance for municipal debt recovery can be a challenge. At MCSI, a municipal collection agency, we want you to feel comfortable and confident knowing that you are choosing experts who work exclusively in the field of municipal and government collections. We are no ordinary collection agency. Learn more about what makes MCSI so unique:

Specialized Approach
The key to revenue recovery is making contact with the debtor. At MCSI, we do not rely on letters to drive results. Thousands of calls are made daily and our collectors are constantly engaging debtors to discuss the existence of the debt and various ways to rectify the situation. Our experience shows that a persuasive and courteous conversation is the best method for obtaining results.

Exceptional Client Service
Your business is our top priority and we work to assure that you have personalized assistance and up-to-date information regarding your account. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients that includes a commitment to superior customer service. You can expect from MCSI:

  • Timely and courteous assistance. We assign a dedicated customer service representative to every account. You’ll receive help and support when you need it from someone who knows the details of your account.
  • Monthly Progress Reports. Typically these include information on payments and closed accounts. Customized reporting options can also be created for your specific needs.
  • Access to on-line reports. Providing you quick and easy access to account information. Login to our secure server for status updates at your convenience.

Experienced Staff
Our team of seasoned professionals knows how to obtain results in municipal debt recovery. Collectively, our staff has over a decade of tenure in the field of receivables management. This valuable field experience enables them to master an approach that is both firm, yet courteous. We know this method delivers the best results for you. Additionally, we also have bilingual staff members available, as needed. MCSI is proud to provide a consistent, reliable and professional staff, with extensive training in debt collection techniques. What does this mean for you? Results and revenue recovery that you can depend on.

Advanced Technology
MCSI utilizes industry leading software and services to effectively manage the large volume of accounts associated with municipal debt recovery. Several areas of data input and data management are automated for greater efficiency. However, several aspects of our collections process are done in a direct and personalized manner. The result, we feel, is a greater outcome and a better recovery rate for you. Key technology components include:

  • Electronic data formatting, mapping and automatic importing allowing for immediate collection processing and reduced data input
  • On-line credit card payments offering easy and convenient payment option for debtors
  • Skip tracing for phone number verification and additional comparison with NCOA (National Change of Address) data for accurate address confirmation