Municipal Debt Collector - MCSI


Debt Collection Services
A leading municipal debt collector, MCSI provides comprehensive municipal and government debt collection
services. With over two decades of experience and a 100% municipal
client base, we can help you capture past due debt related to:

  • Parking and compliance tickets
  • Red light camera violations
  • Local ordinance violations
  • Building code fines
  • Alarm bills
  • Utility and garbage bills
  • Municipal fees
  • Court collections
IOC Management and Assistance
Want to take advantage of the Illinois Office of Comptroller’s (IOC) Local
Debt Recovery Program, but intimidated by the time and resources you’ll
need to successfully participate? Don’t let this revenue opportunity pass
you by.

MCSI can offer the technical services to prepare the data for a municipality to
participate in the IOC Local Debt Recovery Program:

  • the creation and updating of the necessary files
  • the addition of new accounts and new debt
  • the removal of paid accounts and the updating of partial payments

MCSI will manage the data and continuous updates for your
agency, simplifying the process and assuring data accuracy and integrity.

Your staff won’t be strapped with the laborious tasks of creating and maintaining
weekly file updates. Your only responsibility will be to complete the enrollment
process and submit the files that have been prepared by MCSI.

Boot & Tow Monitoring with License Plate Recognition (LPR) Interface
If your city has adopted a vehicle immobilization ordinance for unpaid
tickets, MCSI can help identify eligible boot and tow candidates. Our
services include:

  • Monitoring ticket count
  • Tracking payment and payment arrangements
  • Reporting and notifying municipalities that monies have been paid and to remove the boot or release the towed vehicle
  • Integration with LPR technology for improved boot and tow management.

To learn more about LPR technology options, Click Here.

Driver’s License Suspension
Let MCSI help you monitor ticket count for parking and red light camera
violations. Driver’s license suspension may occur if a debtor has 10 or
more unpaid parking tickets or 5 or more red light camera violations. Our
support includes:

  • Warning notice creation: required 45 day notice of debt; sent to municipality for approval
  • Final suspension notice creation: if no payment is made during 45 day period, notice is created for your municipality to be forwarded to the Secretary of State
  • Payment arrangement monitoring: promissory note signed or payment plan established. MCSI also alerts municipality when suspension may be lifted
No Cost Collections
MCSI offers clients a no cost collections option. Any fees or collections
costs become the responsibility of the debtor rather than the client. This
option is fully compliant with state and federal statutes, and can effectively
reduce your collection agency commission rate to 0%. For full details,
please consult with an MCSI representative.
Value-Added Services
Already working with Municipal Systems Inc. for your municipal
management and adjudication needs? Save time and money when you
coordinate your efforts. The two platforms work together seamlessly. With
the MSI and MCSI data interface, any payments entered into the MCSI
system for past due violations or tickets will be automatically updated in
the MSI software, eliminating the need for further data entry.

Ticket Validation– For clients using MSI adjudication software, when a debtor
requests a copy of the ticket, our representative will pull this data directly from
the database, make a copy and fax or mail to the debtor.

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solutions for all your municipal management needs?
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